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T T T T ---THERE`S THESE TIMES TWO Posted: Aug 27, 2019
The reason the TTTT initials are there is that while working on the music I couldn`t keep the title straight. The title is --THERE`S THESE TIMES TWO but I kept calling it stuff like There`s Those Times Two, etc. There is a joke about that at a place in the video. This was a demo "reel" soundtrack done for a client. Not meant to be listened to like a pop or rock song for example. Really more a background in a film or running behind screen credits.

Haunted CDBaby Page Posted: Jan 15, 2019
Haunted just came back from London from the legendary Abbey Road Studios mastered and brought to another level by these amazing professionals! Haunted basically forced its way through my imagination when I was busy working on another song! To get it finally out of my head I had to externalize it into a finished song! The storyline of the lyrics is based on real events and has romantic,supernatural overtones. I know the woman in this story. she could never lie, and she told me this and I believe her!

MAGIC HAS ITS OWN PAGE! Posted: Apr 25, 2018
The song MAGIC has its own page that can be accessed at:

THE SONGS ON YOUTUBE! Posted: Apr 25, 2018
Here is a link to all the music on YouTube! This is also on the Links page on this site!

MAGIC Posted: Apr 19, 2018
MAGIC explores the mysteries that beckon us to be changed as we travel our life pathway! There are those rare times that we suddenly realize we are being swept up into a transformative higher power--that seems to have no explanation and seem quite magical!!

RAINY DAY WONDER Posted: Oct 10, 2017
Rainy Day Wonder just came back from across the pond (England) and its always wonderful to hear the amazing expertise the engineers at Abbey Road Studios always exhibit! Geoff , glad you had a wonderful holiday, and to understate it, yes we are very happy with the results!

Thanks Geoff--your kindness means a lot to me! Positive comments always give that positive reinforcement that drives one on to go further! Abbey Road and the good people there are worth their weight in gold! Oh, and thanks much for your help Peach!

You are all the best!


Thank you Geoff! Thank you for your excellent mastering and engineering skills and in applying them to this latest project! (Geoff Pesche is an amazing mastering engineer at Abbey Road Studios in London, England!) Geoff you exceeded my expectations when I was afraid I had not been clear enough about elements of the mix. Again, wonderful work!


Abbey Road Master Geoff Pesche Posted: Apr 23, 2017
The song 19 Ladies was mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London, England by the great Geoff Pesche! Geoff has an amazing list of credits of working with some of the most famous musical artists in the world! Geoff , you did an incredible job of putting the icing on the cake! Thanks for your amazing work and encouragement!

CHRISTIAN WRIGHT Posted: Dec 17, 2016
Really enjoyed working with Abbey Road Studios mastering engineer Christian Wright on the song. Wonderful work Christian!

N 2 BLUE AT ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS Posted: Nov 2, 2016
Abbey Road Studios Mastering engineer, Ian Jones, did a masterful job on raising the song N 2 Blue to a new and higher level! Thanks Ian for doing such amazing work! Ian has an incredible credit history, working with many icons and legendary performers, musicians .et. al! The list is far too long to write out here! A pleasure working with another total professional from an iconic studio!

Free Song Downloads! Posted: Jul 18, 2016
Songs here on the website and on my Reverbnation page can ne downloaded for free!

ABBEYROAD STUDIOS PRO Posted: May 12, 2016
I know I am always thanking these people at Abbey Road Studios--and its because they are consummate professionals and happen to be really good people as well! This time its my thanks to Mastering Engineer , Geoff Pesche, for honoring me with his work on the song and raising the mix to a higher power!

I am extremely grateful to Abbey Road Mastering Engineer, Alex Wharton, not only for his incredible work on the song-- Not Supposed To--but also for a personal note of positive, exciting feedback! Alex, thank you for taking a bit of time out of what can only be a very busy schedule to express encouragement and enjoyment of working on the project! Your kind words make me look forward to the next project! As always, everyone at Abbey Road Studios are consummate professionals!

MASTERING RIGHT AWAY Posted: Oct 29, 2015
I want to express thanks to Lucy Launder and everyone at Abbey Road Studios in London, England. Wonderful and helpful professionals all. In particular I want to thank mastering engineer Alex Wharton, for his extraordinary work on the song!

"Skylights" is an inventive retro wall of sound type sound that is reminiscent of an early Sheryl Crow arrangement!

JONATHAN WEISS--Music Supervisor / A&R Posted: Sep 10, 2015
Jonathan Weiss is a Los Angeles based music supervisor for film and television. He just completed music supervising the Burim/Murray Production, The Challenge:Free Agents airing on MTV. He also recently supervised The Weinstein Company feature film documentary "Salinger". He also worked on the ninth season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians on the E! Entertainment network, & Motor City Masters on TRU TV & Love Games for the Oxygen channel. Other music supervisor credits include Interscope Presents The Next Episode for Showtime Entertainment, The Education Of Max Bickford for CBS, U.C. Undercover for NBC, Celebrity Undercover for MTV,and the Warner Bros theatrical release "The Big Tease". He has also worked in A&R for Capital Records & Universal Music publishing. Jonathan has also done on-air work for KKJZ the only full time jazz radio station playing in Southern California & on the web.

The song "Skylights" by Paul J Young is a great piece of real music!! I found myself singing the chorus after only hearing it once! I think you`ll find this song to be such a fresh new creation!! Bravo Paul!!

JOE VITALE -Producer, Songwriter, Drummer Posted: Sep 1, 2015
Joe Vitale is an American musician known as a drummer but also a Flautist, keyboardist and singer. He has played with many top names in music dating back to the 1970s.

His first national break came when Ted Nugent hired him to play drums in The Amboy Dukes in 1971-72. That fall Vitale was invited by former Kent State classmate Joe Walsh to join Barnstorm, a new group being formed by Walsh in Colorado. The group recorded two albums and Vitale and Walsh began a longtime partnership.

Vitale was the original drummer for The Micheal Stanley Band and recorded his first solo album in 1974 "Roller Coaster Weekend" with guitar solos contributed by Joe Walsh, Rick Deringer,and Phil Keaggy. He then joined the Stills-Young Band for the Long May You Run session. Later, Joe would be one of the musicians on the Crosby, Stills & Nash record and tour beginning with the CSN album and continuing to the present day. He has also contributed songs to Crosby, Stills & Nash as well as solo efforts by Stephen Stills and Graham Nash.

Meanwhile, Joe`s longtime partner Walsh became part of The Eagles and Joe became part of The Eagles road band on drums & keyboards, appearing on 1980s "Eagles Live". For Vitales` second solo album "Plantation Harbor" in 1980 , Don Felder also appeared along with Walsh on guitars and Stephen Stills co-wrote a couple of songs. The Walsh/Vitale song "Pretty Maids All In A Row" appear on The Eagles album Hotel California. He continued to appear on Walsh albums in the early 1990s.

Among other artists with whom Vitale has appeared are Dan Fogelberg, Peter Frampton, John Entwistle, Zakk Wylde (Book Of Shadows) and four RAZ albums and an album and DVD "Greatest Hits And Stuff".

SKYLIGHTS CDBaby Page Posted: Aug 8, 2015
THE song --SKYLIGHTS-- has a page at :

GUESTBOOK Posted: Aug 6, 2015
For a while there was a Guestbook page where folks could write their musings, but spammers continued to bombard it and there was little Broadjam could do about it even though they gave it a good try! We had to take it down in the end. Hopefully, one of these days when its figured out how to deal with the spamming, it will be restored.

ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS Posted: Aug 6, 2015
I would like to thank Sean Magee, Abbey Road Studios mastering engineer for his wonderful work on the song "Skylights". I also want to thank Lucy of Abbey Road Studios for her kindness!

The song "Getting Harder To Miss You" was selected for play on the Backstage Vibe Radio family of radio shows! The song can be heard on Backstage Vibe Radio and during the Backstage Vibe Show on Max Ink Radio, then next week on the Backstage Vibe Request Show on Slammin` Tunes, one of the syndicated shows on UNIR1 Radio, WROM Radio and Slammin` Tunes Radio. The schedule can be found at: Song will play in the following time slots: 6:00-7:00a.m. -- 12:00-1:30p.m. --5:00-7:30p.m. --10:00--11:00p.m. Song will remain in rotation for several weeks!

DEBORAH LALA REVIEW Posted: Jun 24, 2014
"These songs need a "love button" ! There is a season for everything! This is yours! Embrace it!"

MICHEAL MARANS REVIEW Posted: Jun 24, 2014
"The composer has an obvious flair for tight, punchy vocal arrangements, and harmonies!"

Micheal Marans---Former Technical Editor of Keyboard Magazine

LARRY THE O Posted: Jun 24, 2014
"lATELY" is an energetic rocker that makes its entrance by bursting out of the speakers into the room then maintains its cruising altitude without break for the duration of the song! Smooth vocals, fine guitar work, and a highly crafted arrangement give "Lately" a sound that is easy to like, but never strays into feeling like generic corporate rock. A powerful toe-tapper make for a sunny day drive in a convertible with the top down!

Larry the O (Oppenheimer)---Editor of Mix magazine & Electronic Musician & others/ Producer/ Recording Engineer/

TED MYERS Posted: Jun 24, 2014
"Paul has a distinctive and original sound and writes very catchy and memorable melodies!"

Ted Myers--Song Writer/Recording Artist/Producer/A&R Rep

DIANE WILLIAMSON Posted: Jun 24, 2014
"This music has progressive rock leanings with a dreamy hypnotic feel that takes you back to a more romantic place in time!"

Diane Williamson---Producer/Publisher/Song Writer

(Review of the song--"It Just May"

JOHN ANDERSON REVIEW Posted: Jun 24, 2014
"The Beatles studied and reintroduced to a new generation!"

(Review of the song--"Don`t Take You Away")

John Anderson--Publisher/Producer

Micheal Marans has been active in the music products industry for over 30 years. A life long devotee of music technology, Micheal has been intimtaely involved in the design, developement,marketing & sales of a wide array of scucessful technology-basedmusic products.He is president of My Pro Audio, a former executive vice president of Event Electronics,& former techical editor of Keyboard magazine. An avid synthesist,he has also created numerous sound libraries for a variety of artists, composers, & instrument manufacturers.

FURTHER (3.0 acoustic) CDBABY PAGE. Posted: Mar 9, 2014
The song--"Further (3.0 acoustic)" CDBaby page is available

FURTHER (3.0 acoustic) Posted: Feb 28, 2014
The original idea was to take a song & use the same lyrics & melody & create multiple versions of the same song that were unique unto themselves. Three versions were done. Further (2.0 electric) from the Album --Future Greatest Hits!--the acoustic version---Further (3.0 acoustic)--& an orchestral Further (4.0 Orchestral). Not many songs around with--"lead whistling"?? The whistling is live as is most of the recording. I want to really thank everyone at ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS in London, England for all their help & great work! You are simply the best!


Diane Williamson Reveiw Of The Song "It Just May" Posted: Feb 11, 2014
Diane Williamson is head consultant in charge of licensing and acquisition for The Music boutique publishing company that places music in film, TV< and with recording artists. The music covers every genre of music and has placed songs on all major networks, ABC, NBC, Global, Disney, HBO, MTV, and VH1 as well as songs on major record labels such as EMI, RCA, Warner Brothers, House Of Blues, etc. Diane is also a successful producer and song writer. In addition, she has written for episodic TV. Diane is a member of ASCAP, BMI, and is a voting member of the Grammys.

Thank you Diane for the wonderful words about "It Just May" !

The song "Well It`s Time!" has made the Broadjam Louisiana Top 10 Charts!

At Airplay Radio a % rating from one to a hundred determines how listeners are interacting & listening to songs being played on Radio Airplay. If one gets at least a 50% or better score it is considered doing fairly well. The song --It Just May--has a 91% PopScore this week! Thank you everybody who took the time to listen & interact!!


3 SONGS IN LOUISIANA TOP 10 ! Posted: Nov 20, 2013
Broadjam just let me know that the three songs--"Well It`s Time"--"Don`t Take You Away" and "Further"--have all entered the Louisiana Top 10 Charts! To have just one song in the Top 10 Chart for me would be exciting but to have three playing there is beyond belief!Things have taken on a life of its own!Thanks all!

IT JUST MAY --CDBABY PAGE Posted: Oct 31, 2013
The new single--"It Just May" is now available on CDBaby in a wide variety of music file formats from MP3 to better than CD-quality lossless files. The link

IT JUST MAY is a new song that was recorded at CavernStudios and mastered at ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS in London, England!I want to again thank everyone at ABBEYROAD STUDIOS for their support and superb professional work!


BROADJAM LOUISIANA TOP 10 Posted: Oct 13, 2013
The song---"Well It`Time!" has climbed yet again into the Broadjam Louisiana Top 10 at! Thanks everyone!


Michael Marans Posted: Sep 3, 2013
As a life long reader of KEYBOARD magazine I could always count on cutting edge information on new instrument technology and recording techniques! I always learned something from Michaels` writings. This man knows stuff! Thanks Michael for listening!


LARRY THE O Posted: Aug 23, 2013
Toys in The Attic principal Larry The O has been one of the leading Pro Audio and electronic music writers for decades, serving for a quarter century on the mast heads of MIX and ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN magazines as a Contributing Editor, as well as contributing articles to numerous other publications. His acclaimed humanity-in-audio column, "FINAL MIX" ran on the last page of Electronic Musician for more than eight years!

Thank you Larry for the review of the song "Lately" on the Guestbook page ! To have you check out the music is a thrill!


PROGRESSIVE ROCK TOP 10 ! Posted: Aug 12, 2013
Today BROADJAM sent notice that the song "WELL IT`S TIME ! has entered the PROGRESSIVE ROCK TOP 10! Thanks everyone for being so generous with your listening time!


Recieved the following messege today:

CONGRATULATIONS ! YOUR SONG "WELL IT`S TIME ! has entered the Reverbnation Top 40 Song Charts!

Response to the EP has been overwhelming!


From Broadjam today:

CONGRATULATIONS ! Your song is in the Broadjam Louisiana Top 10 ! Your song "WELL IT`S TIME ! has entered the Broadjam Louisiana Top 10 !

REVERBNATION TOP 40 AGAIN! Posted: Jul 30, 2013

Congratulations! You broke the TOP 40! You are one of the TOP 40 bands on the Reverbnation charts! Well done!!

This to me is mind boggling and wonderfully
surreal! Thanks to everyone who is listening!


Got this today from Broadjam:

Congratulations! Your song Lately has enetered the Louisiana Top 10 at Broadjam!

Well It`S TIME!, DON`T TAKE YOU AWAY, & now Lately are all 3 in the Louisiana Top 10 at Broadjam!

This is beyond any expectations! Thanks everybody for the support!


REVERBNATION TOP 40 AGAIN!! Posted: Jul 25, 2013
A MESSEGE FROM Reverbnation:

You are one of the top 40 bands on the Reverbnation charts! Well done!

This is really exciting to have happened again in the past few weeks! I want to thank everyone on Reverbnation who listened and gave their support!
Thanks everyone!


John Anderson--Publisher Posted: Jul 22, 2013
John Anderson has worked on/with Pete Townsend, Eric Clapton, John Mellencamp, Nick Cave, The Allman Brothers,Willie Nelson,Corrine Baily Ray, Snow Patrol, Kings Of Leon, Beyounce,Meat Beat Manifesto, The Cramps, Blackstar, and many others too numerous to mention. Thank you so much for your generous review of the song --"Don`t Take You Away" John.


Ted Myers Posted: Jul 14, 2013
Ted Myers is a Songwriter, Recording Artist, Producer, and Record Label A&R Rep who has worked with such greats as Paul McCartney, James Taylor, John Fogerty,Rickee Lee Jones, Elvis Costello, Crowded House, and many more! I am very excited to have been reviewed and listened to by such a music industry professional and to have received such kind words from him! (see GuestBook)

Thank you Ted!


BROKE TOP 40 ON REVERBNATION! Posted: Jul 12, 2013
FROM REVERBNATION: Congratulations! You broke the top 40! You are one of the Top 40 bands on the Reverbnation charts! Well Done!

Thank you to everyone that gave a listen!


FGH`S SONGS MAKE LOUISIANA TOP 10 Posted: Jul 12, 2013

Again, thank you to all who listened!


ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS Posted: Jun 29, 2013
FUTURE GREATEST HITS! was mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London, England. I want to thank the mastering engineer Geoff Pesche for doing a superb job! It was a pleasure working with such true professionals on this project! I want to add a special thank you to Peach Kazen, Lucy Launder, & James Clarke of the Abbey Road Support Team for their guidance and help!

For me, this was a dream come true!


MEMORABLE THOUGHT Posted: Jul 3, 2013
Richard J. Leider, author of The Power Of Purpose : Find Meaning, Live Longer, Better writes---"Time is the most precious currency of life, and how we spend it reflects what we truly value. Once an hour is gone, it is gone forever. It cannot be re-earned."